How can you let my love flow to the sea?

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How can you let my love flow to the sea?

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He did not speak, I continued to say, I Su Rui was killed by her also do not do your business, what are you, how do you do such a stupid thing, I really did not expect, I am really blind! I can tell you Gu Pengfei, don't implicate me! Unlike you, I don't want to go to jail! He waited for me to finish scolding until I had nothing to say before he spoke slowly. What are you angry about? "Why are you so angry?" He asked? I took it out on you. You think I'm meddling? Or are you mad at me for doing that? Then he showed an expression, an expression that I could not bear to see. Then he said, can you listen to me, too? I just don't want you to get hurt. If you listen to me, it won't happen at all. But you don't listen to me. When have you ever listened to me? I used to be able to settle it for you, but this time I can't. I really can't. I can't do anything when I see you being beaten, but you want to provoke her. Do you think I feel better? I heard Shuyi say that you broke your leg, but I have no face to see you. Do you think I feel better? Su Rui, what do you take me for? Do you care what I think? When have you ever reassured me? Suddenly I was at a loss, because he had never said so much to me, and his expression made my heart ache. It's all your fault, he said word by word. It's all your fault. Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me? Wait a minute When I heard it, I realized what a mess you were talking about. That's not what we're talking about! Don't change the ***ing subject! What happened next,gold cil machine, I swear to God, I never expected. As soon as he pulled me over, he was as strong as a bear, and then suddenly my eyes were spinning, so he was pressed into the grass next to me. He avoided my injured knee and sat on my lap, holding my hip tightly and pressing my wrists with his hands. At first I thought he was going to molest me, but he didn't do anything further. Then he looked down at me and laughed easily. He said, "I'm sorry. I think this is the only way you can listen to me.". Only then did I realize that I had been cheated,small gold wash plant, and that the plaintive expression was just put on by the wolf cub. Feeling unwilling but unable to move, he called and scolded a few words, but this fellow was determined not to let go, so he simply turned his face away to install the corpse. He said you must have misunderstood me. I called him, but he didn't touch Cao Yingying at all. I closed my eyes to count the sheep and decided to turn a deaf ear. He said, "Do you remember Xiao Bing, the one who often plays in RAINBAR?". Xiaobing and Gu Pengfei used to know each other in RAINBAR. The boy is very beautiful, but he is a little wild. His philosophy is that youth is used to squander. If you don't play now, you will have no capital. In fact, I don't like this kind of person very much, but he has a good character. He once whispered to me that Gu Pengfei looks like a person who once lived with him. Gu Pengfei did not admit it, because Xiao Bing said it with a smile at that time, and I didn't care too much, but later every quarrel would become a major crime of Gu Pengfei. Then I heard Gu Pengfei say that I met Xiao Bing again when I went to RAIN last time. He was very aggrieved when he heard that you were bullied. He said, "Why don't I find some friends to teach that little woman a lesson for you?"? I seemed a little interested, tin beneficiation plant ,mineral flotation, opened my eyes and asked, then what? He said, and then I asked him how to teach him a lesson, and he said that if he wanted to come, he would be cruel, or she would not remember. Let six or seven men take her turn, and she will know who is afraid of who in today's world. At that time, I said it was absolutely impossible. It was too immoral. Then Xiao Bing scolded me for being a wimp. He said that your people were all in the hospital. Why did you pretend to be serious? Are you a man? I'm in charge of this matter. You can rest assured that Bao Zhuncao is pregnant and she doesn't know who her father is! I almost laughed at that time, thinking that it was really Xiao Bing's virtue. He went on to say that I didn't agree anyway. He said that if this happened, Su Rui would be angry with me. He said, "What do you say?" I said, "Just scare her. Don't be serious.". Xiaobing scolded me again. I said it was a matter of principle, and I couldn't be too extreme.
Later, Xiao Bing agreed to find a few people to go, the child was cruel, promised things or very careful, he said he was afraid of real problems, those people are known friends, and are GAY, not interested in women, will not come really, scare on the line. I blinked and asked, really? Gu Pengfei nodded and said that Xiao Bing told me that he told those guys to do something like acting, otherwise it would be boring. Afterwards, he told me that his friends were so good that they even took off her pants, and the woman's voice was hoarse. To be continued ~ ~ ~ ~ How can you let my love flow to the sea? When I heard it, I really had the feeling of killing it quickly, saying that Gu Pengfei was still a little bit like a human being. He snorted and said, "Well, if I don't help you out, won't you disfigure me?"? His words reminded me, and I quickly asked, "I heard that the police are involved in this matter, are you all right?"? He said it was all right. The brothers were all masked, and she couldn't recognize them even if she was killed. I thought to myself that quality is really important these days, and people who rape a woman have to make up. Then he said that only you, me and Shuyi knew about it. Even if she had no proof, what could she do to me? I said, "Well, you are becoming more and more like a ruffian." He smiled and said, "I have been bored with a hooligan for more than two years. Can I not learn something? This is called being close to the black ink.". My right hand reflexively wanted to hit him, but I was so pressed that I couldn't move. In fact, I knew that if he really fought with me, even if I had a hundred lives, it wouldn't be enough for him to warm up. I admire him not only for his tolerance, in fact, I have long known the origin of his family and Cao Yingying's family. The father of the demon was Gu Pengfei's former immediate superior. Later,manganese beneficiation plant, Uncle Gu jumped to a big construction company to develop, and the father of the demon became the honorary principal of the school. Every year, he invested a lot of money and had more power than the real principal. Both of them developed very well. Gradually became a friend in business.
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Re: How can you let my love flow to the sea?

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